New Here

Who We Are

Simply stated, we are a small church with a BIG heart!  

As a part of God's family we want to help you get to know God better and enable you to become who He has created you to be.  No matter where you are in life, we are here to help you figure out the next steps in your journey with Him. Elsmere is committed to helping people believe in Jesus, belong to family, become a disciple and build God's kingdom.

What is a Presbyterian?

Presbyterians are part of the Christian family that find themselves in the middle between independent Christian churches and Episcopal churches (ones with a single bishop).  We are a constitutional church (we have a Book of Order with three sections: the Form of Government, the Directory for Worship, and the Rules of Discipline). We ordain ministers and lay people (called Elders or Deacons). And we are connected together in a national church that has several levels of governance.


Presbyterians emphasize the sovereignty of God, the sinfulness of human beings that leads us to entrust governance to groups rather than individuals, the saving work of Jesus Christ and the active presence of the Holy Spirit in everyday life.

(PC USA website)

Community Information

Elsmere is a small suburban municipality with a population of 6,135, which borders Wilmington. The community is mostly residential with one main road which runs east to west and is lined with small businesses.  On the eastern end of town there is an industrial area and on the western end of town is the area’s Veteran’s Hospital.  A large shopping center and a small shopping center are located just outside of town, to the west.


Elsmere is a middle class suburb of Wilmington, with single-family homes, townhouses, and four apartment complexes.  Two new housing developments have been constructed within the last 10 years.  This is the first opportunity that Elsmere has had to grow in years.  Our church family resembles the surrounding area of Elderly residents and new families.

What to Expect 

The church isn't a building—it is people. And we think you'll find Elsmere Presbyterian a pretty friendly bunch! We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, with Sunday School for our young people at 10:45am.  


Our service is a mix of both traditional and contemporary worship.  We have a wide range of ages in attendance each Sunday, from the very young to the very wise.


When you walk into our building you will notice the church is alive with young children actively participating in the church service.  Upon entering the sanctuary you will see a beautifully lit stained glass window depicting a cross and traditional wooden pews.


If you are unsure of where to sit or what to do just let one of our ushers know that you are new and they will welcome you and assist in answering your questions.  Too shy to ask questions?  Feel free to come in, sit where you are most comfortable and listen for the word of God.  Worship is about God, not about doing things the "right" or "wrong" way, so no pressure!


When & Where We Meet

10:30 a.m. Worship

10:45 a.m. Sunday School

11:35 a.m. Fellowship Hour

Our facility is equipped with a hearing assistance system.

Please ask for a receiver.


606 New Road

Wilmington, DE 19805


We are located one block north of Route 2 (Kirkwood Highway), between Ohio and Western Avenue.